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The word “MOE” is commonly used in Japanese anime. Basically, it means something like a burning romantic passion between characters. It is also associated with something cute where you have female characters sporting the MOE face. That’s where Pokemon Mega Moemon FireRed comes in.

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It is a ROM hack of FireRed, so pretty much a lot of the assets are used, but the interesting take is that the Pokemon are turned into Moemon.

The Pokemon in the game all have been changed in terms of their appearance. They look like little girls sporting MOE and it makes everything interesting when you play the game.

Different FireRed Based ROM hacks you can play

  • Pokemon Cyan Version
  • Nameless FireRed Project
  • Pokemon Outlaw
  • Pokemon Rusty

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Pokemon Mega Moemon FireRed Details and More


The story is pretty much the same as FireRed. The thing about these games is that there are numerous versions using the Moemon sprites as a substitute for the Pokemon. Basically, if you already know the story when it comes to FireRed, you already know where it is going and what happens.


Once again, we go back to the fact that the Pokemon sprites are altered with original Moemon sprites while maintaining some characteristics of the Pokemon that they are replacing. Despite just being based on FireRed, there are some Pokemon from Gen 2 and 3 that will appear in the game early on.

Several Legendary Pokemon are still available as well as updated stats, moves, and types. Plus, the title says it all where there is Mega Evolution in the game.

Pokemon Mega Moemon FireRed Details and More

Pokemon Mega Moemon FireRed
Creator: Septentrion
Game Base: FireRed
Language: English
Source: Link

Feature List

  • Moemon roster goes up to Gen 5, around 300 of them with several Legendaries
  • Physical and Special split
  • Mega Evolution available
  • Fairy-type in the game
  • Double battles are present
  • TMs can be used in an unlimited manner



We don’t share pre-patched rom hacks and roms – sharing these files is considered piracy, and it’s illegal!

Pokemon Mega Moemon FireRed Download


The other entities that own Pokemon

1020 Baseroom:
Spherical Ice
Pandirocks @17


Various Japanense Artist

Other Thanks


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16 thoughts on “Pokemon Mega Moemon FireRed”

  1. I like how moemon are made with regular Pokemon, but something needs to be added if you don’t mind.

    1. Some Pokemon doesn’t have moemon style, I would suggest creating moemon design with the same feature.

    Example: Zekrom= moemon Zekrom with black wings and tails, plus a blue voltage.

    2.Sound effect, some Pokemon including mega evolution, I only heard blank. So try to have the sound of each moemon.

    I was hoping to see if this can be better then just seeing blank out there.


  2. I like the fact of having moemon, looking like harem , but some needed to be added if you don’t mind.

    1. Some Pokemon doesn’t have the moemon style. I would suggest create a moemon design with the same feature.

    Example: Zekrom = Moemon Zekrom with the black wings and tail, plus the blue voltage.

    2. The sound, several moemon including mega evolution only heard blank. Like I facing the lance hydreigon. I request if can make a sound from each moemon with the same thing.

    I was hoping if this can turn out better then just looking blank.


  3. PSA: Don’t download from here: the game is using an outdated version! Look up their official Discord, PokéMMO forum thread or Twitter account (@MoemonProject) to get the newest version!


    • Hi there. Our readers usually notify us here in the comment section or in discord whenever a new update of a game is released. With over hundreds of rom hacks, it’s difficult for us to track every updates; so we rely on the community’s help.


  4. By the way I’m on a school restricted ipad the only thing I can play is gba files on the gba player from romspure but they restricted that


  5. How do I play this on a iPad I need a browser


    • I don’t recommend playing the game on a browser. I think you can play it on GBA4iOS.


  6. How do you solve trade evolution like Scyther and Onix that needs metal coat.


  7. So here a new Ver 1.2, can i transfer my data file save from old v1.1 into v1.2 or i ned to play a whole new game?


  8. Is the trade pokemon level up or no


  9. Where do you get mega bracelet?


    • It only obtain by saving the old man from team rocket in lavender tower


    • Save old man from team Rocket in lavender tower


  10. Is there an cheats in this


    • Yes, the same cheats for fire red


    • We are currently working for the cheats on this game, stay tuned. It’ll be released soon.


Pokemon Mega Moemon FireRed | PokemonCoders (2024)


What is Mega Moemon Fire Red? ›

Mega Moemon FireRed is a hack, or modification, of the game Pokemon Firered. Instead of collecting Pokemon, we collect cosplayer girls. Mega Moemon FireRed introduces many changes to the gameplay, such as the introduction of the Fairy type, double battles, and MEGA EVOLUTIONS.

Where can I play Moemon? ›

MOÉMON: MEGA FIRE RED VERSION free online game on Miniplay.com.

What is Pokemon Moemon? ›

Moemon (short for "Moekko Monsters") is a Pokémon romhack of FireRed that replaces all of the Mons with Moe gijinka. Most Moemon games, especially earlier ones, have no real plot changes, being the moe personifications of the Pokémon their main highlight, which obviously contribute to the popularity of the hack.

How do you get legendary beasts FireRed? ›

The final bosses of the game, the Elite Four, must be conquered in order to reveal the Legendary Dogs. You can only fight the Elite Four after collecting every gym badge. You will need several Pokémon around Level 50 to beat the Elite Four, and these Pokémon should be strong enough to capture the dogs too.

Can I mega evolve in fire red? ›

Mega Evolution in Fakemon FireRed works by having the Key Stone in your inventory, giving a Fakemon its corresponding Mega Stone to hold, and then pressing "Start" in battle before choosing a move.

What games is Litwick in? ›

Game locations
Pokémon BlackCelestial Tower
Pokémon WhiteCelestial Tower
Pokémon Black 2Celestial Tower, Strange House
Pokémon White 2Celestial Tower, Strange House
7 more rows

What games is Abra in? ›

Game locations
Pokémon Red and BlueRoute 24, 25, Rocket Game Corner
Pokémon YellowRoute 5,6, 7and 8, Rocket Game Corner
Second Pokémon generation
Pokémon Gold5,6, 8, 24, 25, 34, and 35, Goldenrod Game Corner
24 more rows

On what can you play Pokemon Ruby? ›

Pokémon Ruby Version and Pokémon Sapphire Version are 2002 role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance. They are the first installments in the third generation of the Pokémon video game series, also known as the "advanced generation".

What's Pokémon Kaizo? ›

Pokémon Kaizo

These games are known for having enemy trainers with complicated teams and movesets, forcing the player to fight most trainers, who are often optional in the original games, and limiting resources for the player.

What is the purpose of Pokédex? ›

The Pokédex is an electronic encyclopaedia that the player may be given during their journey. It displays various information about Pokémon species, including elemental types, typical sizes and locations they can be found in the wild.

What is Pokémon Nova? ›

Nova is the head of Team Crescent. She first appears to the protagonist in the Weeping Depths, imploring them to give the stone Shiv is in search of to her instead.

Is there a Mega Stone in fire red? ›

Mega Stones cannot be found in Pokemon FireRed. FireRed was released in 2004. Mega Stones didn't come into existence in the Pokemon games until the 2013 games of Pokemon X and/or Pokemon Y.

What does mega Alakazam do? ›

At the cost of its already-low muscular strength, Mega Alakazam's power is entirely converted to pure psychic energy. It can read the course of a person's entire life with a single glance.

Does Red have a mega evolution? ›

With the use of a Mega Stone, given to Red by Mr. Fuji and its great bond with Red, it was able to Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard X. With this new level of power, Charizard was able to match Mewtwo's power.

Are there roaming legendaries in fire red? ›

The Legendary Beasts roam the Kanto region at random, so finding them requires a lot of wandering through the grass with your fingers crossed. Using Max Repel will help you avoid endless encounters with low-level Pokémon while you do so.


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